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Twentyfour12 2015

When I suggested we enter a team at this year’s Twentyfour12 event, I had no idea we would have so many takers and we’ve ended up with not just one, but three teams flying the flag for Revolution Sports Physio (promise of a free massage might have had something to do with it).

So without further ado, I will introduce you to our first team. Don’t let their heavy bikes and baggy shorts fool you. These boys are pretty speedy (on the downhill at least).

Steven (AKA Windy)
A natural born leader on the trails, this is a man not afraid to push the boundaries of where you can take a bike. Known more for his technical skills and wilderness adventures than a love of racing, Steve is wondering if anyone can lend him a super light 29er for the twentyfour12?


Familiar with podium positions as a solo rider, Revolution Sports Physio feels privileged that Andy has put aside personal ambitions this year to ride as part of our team Although he might not be front of the field in the riding stakes this year, Andy will certainly be leading the post race party.

Paul (aka Minnsy)
A man of many talents on and off the bike, Minnsy isn’t afraid to push himself. Beware of him out on the trail, as he is likely to opt for the more fun/technical lines. But don’t worry, he’s the consummate gentleman, so if he needs to pass, he will be polite.

Another talented rider more used to technical trails than the racing circuit, Morgan is also on the look out to borrow a race bike! If you do have one he can borrow, but are worried about crashes, don’t worry, Morgan tends to damage himself rather than the bike (We will be deploying extra St John Ambulance support on his laps!).